About Catherine

I started acting in 1982 when I was cast as Princess Diana in a CBS movie, and then as Amanda Carrington in the hit TV series, Dynasty. I have five wonderful children ranging from ages 13-25.
In 2005, my then husband Casper Van Dien, and I produced I Married a Princess – a humorous, behind-the-scenes reality series about our blended family for Lifetime. He and I then collaborated on a script about my grandfather H.R.H Prince Paul of Yugoslavia’s heroic efforts to save Yugoslavia from the Nazis. My mother is H.R.H Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia and I am a direct descendant of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.
I am an advocate for abused and neglected children, and as Childhelp’s Celebrity Ambassador, I have spoken about the dangerous repercussions of child abuse at the Senate. I support women’s rights around the world and I am passionate about improving the conditions of women who live in oppressive cultures. I am also an advocate for the ethical treatment of farm animals.
I’ve reached the place in my life where the culmination of my experiences feel rich, pertinent, and worthwhile sharing. Topics in this blog will range from intimate experiences, personal anecdotes, insights and resources for all seekers interested in exploring the journey of the soul, as well as quality of life, family, relationships and the miracles of life and death!

30 Replies to “About Catherine”

  1. Really moving. My daughter is lucky enough to have an incredible stepfather and an equally beautiful and amazing stepmother. Different situation, but I know if for some reason I was no longer there her “steps” would make sure to care and protect her. ALL your children are blessed!

  2. Hi Catherine. You know me as nephtine on Twitter. Just read this and WOW! You really have a way with words. Have you actually written/published any books? I’d be interested in reading them.

    Also, have you/would you consider writing children’s books? Perhaps translating your experiences into picture books to help children understand blended families, sibling rivalry, loss, grief, etc? As an adult I loved the Jamie Lee Curtis book about adoption “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born”. I’m not adopted but am a junior school librarian and was enchanted by this book. I think you’d be a hugely popular success if you wrote too, if you haven’t already.
    Best wishes… 🙂

    1. Hi Celine, I happen to LOVE Jamie Lee Curtis’ books, and i wish i could come up with a children’s book as whimsical and touching as hers! If enough people enjoy my writing who knows? I’d love to write a book!

  3. Hi Catherine,

    thanks for sharing so intimate and personal experiences with all of us. I am delighted about what I read and proud to be your friend by Facebook!


  4. I am so touched by what you have written and foryour sharing your life and family with us all. I have seen you and your husbands show about your family. Oh! How I and my friends wish we could see more of your life as a princess, daughter, wife and mother! How you get it all to work together would be nice to see more on T.V. Thank you so very much for sharing your life with us and I am so happy to be on your facebook page too! Caroline

  5. Hi Catherine I have suffered from an eating disorder in the past and want to have my teeth fixed as well as heal my body slowly. I know that immediately stopping purging is key but I’d also like to know what work you have had done because your teeth look amazing! I read a quote recently where you described the terrible effects of Bulimia Nervosa hence why I’m asking and I’m really sorry for posting it here but I don’t know how to contact you via email. I have only had one filling so far and slight dentin revealing on my two front teeth around the edge which I’m paranoid about…
    Anyway thank you and God Bless.

    1. HI Sarah, unfortunately for me, i damaged my teeth badly and required a lot of dental work, from crowns to veneers. I hope that you stopped before stripping all the enamel off your teeth. It is such a destructive disease. I am so happy for you that you are healing. God Bless you too!

  6. Catherine, from your last reply to Sarah, should I deduct that you suffered from bulimia? May I ask at what stage in your life? When you played Amanda on Dynasty you had a much fuller face than now (but still the most beautiful face on that show). Your face appears much slimmer now….whether that is age or weight loss…or both? It’s still a very beautiful face btw!
    Whilst I’ve previously admired your talent for writing and suggested you veer towards children’s books, if you indeed suffered from bulimia, I’m now suggesting your writing talent could also so easily be turned towards a book about that. I won’t call it “self help”, rather a “shared experience” book in “a word from the wise” series! There’s a whole line of books that could be written in that series! Now THERE’s an idea! I’ll trust you to credit me with patents and residuals should you take me up on that one! 😉

    1. Celine, you are right – my face on Dynasty looked like a chipmunk because i was very bulimic at the time. I have written about the bulimia in a book called Lives Charmed – but i love your idea and of course i will give you credit 🙂

  7. Catherine…please do NOT put words in my mouth! Your face did NOT look like a chipmunk! It was THE most beautiful face then….it looked youthful and healthy. If you wanna see chipmunk faces..just look at one of me! But you won’t ever cos I never had them taken exactly because of that. Used to be proud of my dimples but my “jowls” have put me off since my 40s!

    Must have been really stressful for you to feel so scrutinised whilst having so many photos taken, film, shots etc…To me, it felt like you disappeared for a while and I guess that was a deliberate choice, having married Casper and had children? Good move!

    Back then, if you were achieving that through bulimia, I mustn’t endorse that. You looked FAB then. You look FAB now. Which FAB do you feel more confident, valuable, contributory, happy, peaceful, making a difference in? I already know your answer

    Your face today is still an extremely beautiful face and it has the wisdom and experience of being a full time parent etched in your eyes…but not on your skin! You look wise and gorgeous!

    I must seek out “Lives Charmed” here in the UK and read it.

    Having said all that, I was watching Dynasty: The Reunion replayed over 4 or 5 parts this week on Sky. Alexis, Blake, Krystle still there as were Jeff, Fallon, even Sammy Jo. Kirby was back….as was Adam (played by a different actor). No mention of Amanda…….or if there was, I missed it. You were replaced by another actress for a season after you left. She never measured up to you. And it’s one of the hanging questions about Dynasty (what happened to Amanda?)

    So glad in real life you ended up with Casper……loved Starship Troopers and Tarzan. U are so perfectly matched. I’ve talked too much……am tired..am off! 🙂

    1. Celine!! What a sweet message! I promise i did not put words in your mouth! I always referred to my ‘chipmunk cheeks’ because i had a lot of shame about how the bulimia had distorted my face for many years. Throwing up causes the parotid glands to swell a lot. The jowls are a whole other story! LOL You guessed right, i am far happier now. I guess i am a late bloomer! I did take quite a bit of time off, making my 5 children my priority, taking care of my father who passed away last year, developing projects and writing a script with my husband.

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  9. Hi Catherine,
    I’m so glad I found your blog. While doing some research I came across an article from 2005 that mentions both you and your husband Casper had individual experiences with CSA. I am currently the Administrative Director for a non-profit called the Let Go… Let Peace Come In Foundation. The mission of our foundation is to help heal and support adult survivors of CSA. In an effort to show the world that the effects of CSA know no boundaries we ask survivors to support our outreach with a photo (childhood or other they are comfortable sharing) and caption on our website. It is our belief that having the courage to tell one’s story is an important first step on the road to a peaceful and healing journey. I am writing to you today to ask you to please check out our website (http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org) and to please consider posting your photo and caption as well as sharing it with other survivors who might find comfort in it.

    Thank you for everything you do in your own work as an ambassador for children.

    Warmest Regards!

  10. Isn’t the internet wonderful? Individuals like yourself can help to make the world a better place with your influence and can reach out to others who may not have someone to support them and assure them that they are not alone. The world is cold, only if we let it be so.

    All my best,


  11. Catherine I loved your beautiful home as shown on your television show and especially loved your abstract oil paintings and was wondering who the artist is.
    Take care and thanks. Roberta

    1. Roberta, he is called Ian Pieter Van Wieringen and i bought those paintings in Bali when i was pregnant with my oldest daughter. His paintings are quite mystical and i had a dream about one of the paintings – which prompted me to purchase it.

  12. Hello catherine,

    I love reading your blogs!!! They are so pure and from the heart. I hope we can meet up some day. Love danielle

  13. Dear Catherine
    I am a new Fan of You in Switzerland.
    After Daynasty 5. Season, i Would now what does, an what is Catherine Oxenberg now? Then i find a lot in the Inernet. WOW!
    I begann to search Films an Serials with you.
    But in Switzerland without Privat Internet (Internet from Firm i use..) And only DVD (Code2Europa) you cant find a lot.
    But i dont give up in searching:)
    All the best for you, your Family, all your Children, Your Husband Casper and all relatives and Friends

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